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Have you ever dreamed of ‘upping sticks’ and travelling, far and wide, spending time in small villages. By the streams and rivers. In the mountains and forests ….. perhaps in the jungle?In May 2014, Jackie Dunn felt the urge – the forceful push to get out of her nest. Her beautiful cottage in the heart of Melton Mowbray – a very rural setting in the heart of the UK. This could not hold her any longer, neither she nor the financial coaching business she had created were enough to sustain her.

So, this is what Jackie did. She made the VERY firm decision to sell up everything and live an unknown life – that of an intuitive.

Jackie Dunn is a mature woman who travels alone all over the world. She hardly ever knows where she will sleep at night. She does know that she is living the life as she is now meant to experience – without fear and without shape.

Jackie shares what she has learned on some of her journeys and what she continues to learn. She uses emails, face to face, skype, talks and workshops. All turn up in their own beautiful time.

Being in contact with Jackie and her work, many are surprised at the transferrable skills that have the power to enhance personal and business lives.

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travel blog www.jackiedunntraveldiary.com

Did you know? Jackie Dunn has been featured on

Channel 4 TV as the Personal Finance Expert..
Regular Radio guest  and commentator in local newspapers.
Jackie has also been featured in Glamour Magazine, Top Sante and Slimming World – she’s also published a book ….          Clearly Having Fun with Finance